The self-care techniques, tips, and recipes gathered here empower you to take greater responsibility for your own health and well-being.

In her work with you, Dr. Wu may recommend specific tips, practices, and remedies to help you make the most of treatments you receive in the clinic. Please consult with Dr. Wu or the clinic staff before trying any of these formulas and techniques on your own to ensure that they will be safe and effective for your particular constitution and healing goals.

Essential Oils and Other Remedies

Black Sesame Oil Wash
Grapefruit Essential Oil Blend
JuvaFlex and Di-Gize Essential Oil Blends
R.C., Raven, and Thieves Essential Oils
Rescue Remedy
White Flower Oil


4F Male Fertility Supplements
Fertility Moxabustion Points
Fertility Program
Welcome Babies PC #2 Pre-natal Care
Welcome Babies PC #3 Postpartum Care
Pregnancy Week 30

Food and Recipes

Black-bone Chicken Soup
Flax Seed Drink
Food Energies
Pear Soup
Shen Chu Cha Tea

Self-healing Techniques

The Six Healing Sounds
Chi Organ Acupressure