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Our Staff

The staff of Wu’s Healing Center includes licensed acupuncturists, practitioners certified to perform Chi Organ Acupressure treatments, and professionals skilled in Chi Meridian Acupressure and other acupressure techniques. Staff members bring a wide range of experiences to their work, including background in counseling and other healing fields. All are trained in traditional Chinese medical theory, cupping, and moxabustion.

Staff Members:

TienWei Chang, Office Manager
Krisi Korbut, CMT
Chanrithy Ney, LAc
Kevin O’Shaughnessy, LAc
James Tang, LAc
Linda Tran, Reception
Timothy Yan, LAc

TienWei Chang, Office Manager

“Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us how to achieve health benefits by following the natural rhythms of our bodies and nature. It’s more than just medicine. It’s a concept we can apply to everyday life.”

While at San Francisco State University, TienWei Chang was a biology student studying seahorses, a species threatened by its use in Chinese herbal formulas that enhance male fertility. Decades later, she manages a busy TCM clinic with special expertise in fertility care (without endangering seahorses).

Wei remembers her first day in one of Dr. Wu’s holistic health classes. Dr. Wu asked everyone to provide their birth date, time, and location so she could prepare their birth chart based on traditional Chinese astrology. Wei was intrigued. What, exactly, would Dr. Wu be teaching?  Wei followed her curiosity and by 2000, after interning as a floor practitioner, she was overseeing the reception desk at Wu’s Healing Center.

Today, Wei serves as Wu’s Healing Center’s office manager, coordinating all aspects of clinic operations (including holding visiting babies) and working as a floor practitioner when needed. When she isn’t welcoming and supporting clients and managing the business end of healing, Wei particularly enjoys classic English afternoon tea service with friends.

Krisi Korbut, CMT

“I love how open our clients are about trying TCM to achieve their goals, and that they have allowed us to help them on their journeys.”

Certified massage therapist Krisi Korbut is a longtime believer in the power of healing touch. She came to Wu’s Healing Center in 2019 directly out of massage school and, with Dr. Wu’s guidance, has mastered practices — including Meridian and Qi Organ Acupressure, cupping, and moxibustion — that are essential to the clinic’s work with clients.

Krisi appreciates the family atmosphere at Wu’s Healing Center, where team members collaborate and support each other. When not at the clinic, Krisi enjoys gardening, creating something delicious in the kitchen, and spending time with family and friends. Her baked goods have won blue ribbons at the Marin County Fair, including three Best of Show awards.

Chanrithy Ney, LAc

A graduate of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chanrithy Ney interned at the college and gained expertise in diverse healing modalities, including acupuncture, acupressure, moxibustion, and Gua Sha. Chan’s more than six years of graduate-level schooling includes chiropractic training as well as TCM. He gained experience with a diverse array of clients assisting at free Community Auricular Acupuncture pop-up clinics.

In 2018, Chan became an intern at Wu’s Healing Center, where he continues to apply and broaden a skill set that includes acupuncture, cupping, herbs, Qi Gong, and a bodywork technique blending aspects of TuiNa and Shiatsu. A U.S. Navy veteran, Chan served two combat tours as a Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Hospital Corpsman and is an experienced private-sector security officer.

Kevin O’Shaughnessy, LAc

“In the end, all I can say about Dr. Wu is, ‘Empty your cup and listen to this woman.’ She always has your best interests at heart.”

Kevin O’Shaughnessy met Dr. Wu in 1997 while taking her San Francisco State University course on Chinese Body-Mind Energetics. Curious about alternative healing after dealing with health challenges as a child, one day Kevin asked Dr. Wu a question after class. Their conversation changed his life.

Kevin became Dr. Wu’s primary teaching assistant and an intern at Wu’s Healing Center. Over the course of 25 years as an apprentice to Dr. Wu, he earned certifications in organ acupressure and Iron Shirt Qi Gong and became a Universal Tao Instructor and then a licensed acupuncturist, earning his degree at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. (He also married and became a father.) Today, Kevin is a TCM practitioner at Wu’s Healing Center, using a broad range of healing modalities, mastered with Dr. Wu’s guidance, to help clients achieve their wellness goals.

James Tang, LAc

“Interning at Wu’s Healing Center during the ‘90s, when Dr. Wu was treating many HIV patients, I saw how Traditional Chinese Medicine can improve quality of life. The experience inspired me to become a TCM practitioner myself.”

 James Tang was raised by a grandmother who was born at the beginning of the 20th century and used Traditional Chinese Medicine in daily cooking to optimize health and treat common ailments. For additional help, the family sought out Chinese herbalists — most of them highly skilled, experienced, wizened older men.

Through the practice of Qi Gong and Tai Qi, James discovered the direct reality of Qi. Realizing that Qi is not just an abstract description of the inner workings of the human body, he sought out Dr. Wu for her expertise in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong, and became her student, her intern, and her patient. (Thinking back to his early treatments by elderly herbalists, James was surprised at how skilled Dr. Wu’s pulse diagnosis was at such a young age.)  He became an official apprentice of Dr. Wu’s and, in 2004, earned his license from the California State Board as an acupuncturist.

Linda Tran, Reception

“I appreciate how TCM looks at our health as a whole — mind, body, and spirit. Since adopting TCM practices myself, I’ve noticed how food, stress, and environmental changes affect my well-being.”

 Linda Tran first learned about Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2017 as an alternative for managing stress. A year later, she found herself in the ER after an episode of Bell’s Palsy, with no clear answer to what triggered it or why certain medications were recommended. She went back to her original TCM practitioner, and within nine months, all her symptoms, from facial tics to loss of taste, were gone. After that, when she saw an administrative assistant position open at Wu’s Healing Center, Linda felt she had found a calling.

Today, at the clinic front desk, Linda manages appointments, welcomes guests, and orients new clients to the practice. Linda is a also licensed cosmetologist focused on skincare. She hopes to return to school to study nutrition, emphasizing Traditional Chinese Medicine and the adrenal system to help others heal and balance hormones naturally. In the meantime, when she isn’t at Wu’s Healing Center, Linda might be anywhere in the world. As a flight attendant with a major U.S. airlines, she loves to travel, take local cooking classes, and bring favorite recipes home to family and friends.

Timothy Yan, LAc

Timothy Yan brings more than 14 years’ experience in women’s health and fertility to his work as a TCM practitioner at Wu’s Healing Center. He holds a Masters of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco and a Bachelors of Science degree from University of California in San Diego, with a Biology major and Psychology minor. Timothy is also a Certified Massage Therapist in Chinese Tui Na massage and an Associate Instructor of the Universal Healing Tao.


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