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Wu’s Healing Center treats body, mind, and spirit by sharing the wisdom and practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine — including acupuncture, acupressure, and self-care practices — with a modern point of view.
Our goal is to help heal and balance your unique constitution, harmonizing the Five Elements — Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water — that form the foundation of health and life.

What are the Five Elements?

WOOD, symbolized by shades of green, represents spring, trees and plants, and the health of the liver and gall bladder. When we nurture Wood, we cultivate tenderness and kindness and heal anger and frustration.

FIRE, signified by red and pink, represents summer; sun, stars, and flames; and the health of the heart and small intestine. Harmonious Fire nurtures love and joy as antidotes to anxiety and impatience.

EARTH — brown and yellow — represents late summer, soil and stone, and the health of the stomach and spleen. Tending the Earth element transforms worry and panic into fairness and openness.

METAL — gold and silver — represents autumn, ores from the Earth, and the health of the lungs and large intestine. Metal in balance gives us confidence and courage and heals sadness and grief.

WATER — blue and purple — represents winter, ocean and stream, and the health of the kidneys, bladder, and reproductive system. By nurturing Water we transform fear and stress into gentleness and calmness.

Angela C. Wu, CMD (China), LAc, OMD

Dr. Angela C. Wu is a doctor, author, wellness coach, and pioneer in bringing traditional Chinese healing arts to the United States. Drawing on Dr. Wu’s decades of experience, her San Francisco clinic addresses the unique and individual healthcare needs of people of all ages.

Seasonal Update

Summer 2023
Happy Spring Season!  According to the Chinese Lunar calendar Sunday February 4, 2024, is the first day of the Spring Season. During the spring season, seeds sprout, flowers…

Dr. Angela C. Wu taught me to apply the lofty theories I studied in Chinese medical school to the pragmatic setting of her busy clinic. I am forever indebted to my teacher for mentoring me in the fundamental principles of Chinese medical theory.

Toby Daly, PhD, LAc

After three decades working in both holistic and modern health care industries, Wu’s Healing Center continues to serve as the best example I’ve seen of a consistently top-notch team working in unison to provide comprehensive, holistic, effective care for patients.

Bill Sweeny, Patient & Customer Support Program Director, Genentech

As an allopathic physician, I have been deeply impressed at the level of healing and ongoing health maintenance results in Dr. Wu’s approach. Her unique skills and gifted talents and optimal outcomes with a wide range of patients are legendary.

Anthony E. Elite MD

I expect TCM to be part of my life for life. And I know Dr. Wu’s wisdom will always be with me. Her positive messages have helped me heal myself, and helped me raise my kids.

Natalie DiMarco

I have been and will always continue to be a student of Dr. Angela Wu’s. Being in her presence, in and outside of the clinic, has helped my personal and professional life immensely.


Dr. Wu is one of the earliest licensed acupuncturists in the U.S., and the capacity to run a thriving TCM practice through all these decades takes tremendous strength, discipline, responsibility, and courage.

Julia Lee

What struck me most was Dr. Wu’s emphasis on listening, communication, and self-awareness within the treatment room.

Elliot Hess

Before you enter, please empty your cup

The student traveled far to find the wisest teacher. Atop a mountain, in a humble shack, the student found the sage. “Tell me the purpose of your visit,” said the teacher, pouring the student a cup of tea.

“I have apprenticed myself to masters, studied volumes, and tested my skills against the brightest minds. I seek the highest knowledge humans can attain,” the student replied. “What can I learn from you, an old hermit?”

As the student spoke, the teacher poured and poured until the tea flowed onto the table, then the floor.

“Stop!” cried the student. “Can’t you see that the tea is overflowing?”

“Yes, I see,” said the sage, “that I cannot serve you, because your cup is already full.

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