Wu’s Healing Center uses Traditional Chinese Medicine to heal body, mind, and spirit. We invite you to explore the resources available through our San Francisco clinic.

Before you enter, please empty your cup.

The Story of the Cup
The student traveled far to consult with the wisest of teachers. Atop the highest mountain, in a humble shack, the student found the sage. “Tell me the purpose of your visit,” said the teacher, pouring the student a cup of tea.

“I have apprenticed myself to the world’s best instructors, read volumes, memorized every lesson, and tested my skills against the brightest minds,” the student replied. “I know the laws of nature, man, and the universe. What can I learn from you—an old hermit?”

As the student spoke, the teacher poured… and poured…and poured…until the tea overflowed onto the table, then the floor.

“Stop!” cried the student. “Can’t you see that the tea is overflowing?”

“Yes, I see,” said the sage, “that I cannot serve you, because your cup is already full.”