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Herbal Honey Drops

The health of the lungs is essential to whole-person health. But the respiratory system can be challenged by many things: seasonal allergies, poor air quality, environmental dryness, cold, flu, Covid.

To nourish and protect the respiratory system, Wu’s Healing Center offers Herbal Honey Drops. (Because their impact is so far-reaching, we don’t call them cough drops or throat lozenges.) Soothing a dry or sore throat or a headache, remedying a cough, opening the sinuses, contributing to a general sense of alertness — these little lozenges deliver big benefits by combining these powerful ingredients from Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Honey: Moistens the lungs, boosts the qi-nourishing qualities of other herbs in the formula

Platycodon: One of TCM’s most important herbs for conditions of the lungs and throat. Also helpful for the eyes, ears, sinuses. Reduces phlegm.

Honeysuckle: Acts on lung, stomach, and large intestine meridians. Natural remedy for removing heat and toxins (inflammation) from the body.

Menthol: Cooling properties. Often used in TCM for sore throat and colds.

You can purchase Herbal Honey Drops at Wu’s Healing Center, where they are a popular remedy year-round. Clients have found innovative ways of using these helpful lozenges (try dissolving one in hot water to make a tea) and many occasions when they are indispensable (long conversations, speaking engagements, opening the sinuses at bedtime, airplane travel).

Herbal Honey Drops are safe for all constitutions. Do not give to small children or others who may swallow or choke on the lozenge.

Dosage: Up to six drops per day, as needed.


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