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R.C., Raven, and Thieves Essential Oils

Essential oils embody the fragrance and healing properties of the plants from which they are derived. Alone or in combination, they can be used to relax us, remedy ailments, and keep us in good health. This particular combination of essential oils, each a blend of pure essences, is designed to boost the body’s immunity. For example:

  • R.C. contains oils of eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint.
  • Raven is made from ravensara and wintergreen oil.
  • Thieves is composed of oil of clove, rosemary, and cinnamon — a combination worn by thieves who robbed the bodies of plague victims during the Middle Ages (or so the story goes).

We recommend applying these three oil blends in combination during the winter, in cold/ flu/Covid season, or when visiting a sick friend, going into a public place, or taking public transportation — whenever you might need extra protection against illness. The combination is safe for children, good to apply before going to school.

As with all essential oils, test these formulas for skin sensitivity by applying a small drop to the inside elbow. If you develop any reaction (burning, itching, rash), discontinue use. Keep away from eyes and mucus membranes and be sure to wash hands after applying.


Apply oils in the following sequence: R.C., then Raven, then Thieves.

Place a drop on your fingertip and brush on:

  • Collarbones
  • The front of T-4 (the thymus gland)
  • T-1 to T-3, between shoulder blades on the upper back
  • On the upper lip under the nose


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