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Mental Health

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, mental health is a key element of whole-person health. In fact, to the TCM practitioner, a client’s mental and emotional state offers important information about the best course of treatment overall.

At Wu’s Healing Center, we want to know not just how your body feels; we want to know about your feelings, because your emotions are intimately connected to your health as an individual. The Five Elements that are foundational to TCM provide a way to both understand and treat symptoms that affect both body and mind.  Anger, for example, tells us something about the health of the liver and gallbladder (organs associated with the Wood element). Grief and sadness are connected to the lungs (Metal). Anxiety can tell us about the health of the heart (Fire), worry about the stomach (Earth), and fear about the kidneys (Water).

Dr. Wu has deep experience caring for clients with a wide range of mental health concerns. Depression (including postpartum depression), anxiety, trauma (recent or childhood), ADHD (children and adults) — people experiencing these and other challenges have found relief through treatments that integrate body, mind, and emotions.



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