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Immune Support

As the first line of defense against illness, immune health is essential to whole-body wellness. Traditional Chinese Medicine has much to offer in addressing immune challenges — from allergies, cold, flu, and Covid to chronic conditions, including HIV.

The global Covid pandemic has illustrated how varied the impacts of immune-based illness can be:  Some people experience mild discomfort; others have devastating symptoms. And while many people recover completely on their own, some suffer debilitating after-effects — and others don’t even know they’ve been infected. The most important thing we have learned through Covid is that TCM can help by offering care that addresses your unique constitutional pattern.

Dr. Wu has extensive experience in applying TCM to immune care. She co-founded the HIV/AIDs and Chinese Medicine Annual Conference in 1993 and has personally worked with numerous HIV/AIDS patients. At the height of the Covid pandemic, Wu’s Healing Center successfully helped many clients with Covid prevention, care, and recovery using all the tools in our TCM toolbox:  acupuncture, acupressure, moxibustion and cupping, herbal remedies, and self-care techniques.

Please note: Although we cannot treat Covid-positive clients in the clinic, we consult with clients remotely, prescribe herbal remedies, and recommend treatments to restore the body after Covid, reduce chances of Long Covid, and address lingering symptoms.



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