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Musculoskeletal Balancing: Key to Whole-Body Healing

In the spirit of holistic medicine, treating body, mind, and spirit, Wu’s Healing Center is pioneering a new definition of “whole body” healing—one that addresses internal conditions by also healing the body’s infrastructure: skeleton, muscles, and tendons.

The spine, for example, integrates all the major energy channels associated with vitality and longevity. A healthy spine is particularly important in overcoming infertility because it manufactures the blood cells vital to conceiving and carrying a baby. When the spine is congested or misaligned, blood and Qi—life energy—cannot flow freely. When the spine and the channels it supports are open and balanced, all the body’s organs and core functions are optimized.

Dr. Angela C. Wu, who practices Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Devin G. Wu, whose clinical practice incorporates both acupuncture and physical therapy techniques, have discovered that treating the body’s skeletal core can make a significant difference in overcoming a wide variety of health challenges, including infertility. While Dr. Wu works with clients to balance and harmonize the body’s internal environment, Devin focuses on musculoskeletal balancing, with an emphasis on the spine—opening up the flow of energy to all internal organs.

Clients who include both “internal” and “external” approaches in their therapy find that, in addition to addressing back, neck, and other musculoskeletal problems, they’re better able to achieve and maintain the whole-body balance and harmony required to conceive, carry, and deliver a healthy baby. Most important, they also discover that maintaining a healthy infrastructure delivers benefits far beyond babies—including general vitality and longevity.


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