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Fertility Treatment Guidelines

Before you begin our fertility program, please review these guidelines to familiarize yourself with what to expect.

1. Allow your body three to six months to prepare for pregnancy. During this time, plan on visiting the clinic once a week for acupuncture and acupressure. If you’re undergoing an IVF cycle, Dr. Wu may suggest coming in more frequently.

2. On your first visit, bring the results of any Western hormone-level tests (FSH/LH) taken within the past three months. Men should bring any information related to sperm count or motility.

3. For couples seeking fertility enhancement, it is vital that Dr. Wu diagnose the male partner. Even if his sperm count is normal and no Western diagnosis has been given, Traditional Chinese Medicine may detect stress, imbalances, or other unforeseen variables with an impact on fertility.

4. Dr. Wu may prescribe herbs and will ask you to follow specific eating and drinking guidelines. She may prescribe different herbs for the first and second halves of your cycle, and additional herbs for your unique constitution.

5. Once you have conceived, it is important to continue treatments to increase your chances of securing your pregnancy. Traditionally, acupuncturists have rejected the idea of needling pregnant women. Dr. Wu’s pioneering program—the first comprehensive protocol of its kind—steps “outside the box” of this centuries-old philosophy. Dr. Wu recommends acupuncture twice a week during the first trimester and once a week during the last six-to-eight weeks of pregnancy. You should continue herbs throughout your pregnancy.

6. Post-partum care is an integral part of Dr. Wu’s treatment plan. The sooner after delivery you come for treatment, the more benefits you will receive. Dr. Wu suggests treatments once a week for three months following delivery to strengthen your reproductive organs, speed your recovery, correct high blood pressure, help ensure future healthy pregnancies, and avoid postpartum depression.

7. You will be given a tea to take 24 hours after delivery for one week. This tea will help disperse blood or fluid left over from pregnancy.

8. For at least one month following delivery, be sure to dry your hair thoroughly before leaving the house. It is also important to wear socks to bed and avoid cold foods.


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