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If There's You, There's Hope

Change is a central tenet of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with yin and yang in eternal flux and the Five Elements exchanging energy across time. So it’s only fitting that Wu’s Healing Center should evolve — hence, our refreshed Web site, complete with a new blog, WHC Wisdom.

Reaching out more frequently seems a natural extension of our mission to support each client’s unique healing journey — and to demonstrate that traditional healing wisdom from the East has a place in Western lives. So today, as we begin what I hope will be an inspiring, mutually informative, ongoing conversation, I’d like to share with you an idea that has been evolving since I founded Wu’s Healing Center.

Many new clients come to Wu’s Healing Center because they’ve reached what they perceive to be an impasse in their journey toward good health. Perhaps they’re managing chronic pain that has not responded to Western medicine alone. Maybe they’ve recognized unhealthy patterns playing out across their lives and seek a holistic vision that can heal and integrate body, mind, and spirit. Or maybe, after multiple medical procedures, discouraging diagnoses, and years of dashed hopes, they’ve almost — almost — given up on conceiving, carrying, and delivering a baby.

Although certainly not everyone comes to Wu’s Healing Center for the babies, I’ve learned a few things from our fertility clients that help me frame the philosophy behind our clinic. Women, in particular, are often at odds with their bodies. They can’t stop wondering if they’ve done something wrong to discourage the baby of their dreams from manifesting. They may define their self-worth through their inability to conceive. And they discount their difficult experiences with infertility as a source of anything positive. I remind them that they are not defined by their bodies alone; in fact, it is bringing the body into harmony with our true heart’s desire and our spirit’s intent that makes us more attractive to a baby. And I reassure them that they have done nothing wrong. In fact, by taking the leap of faith that brought them to Wu’s Healing Center, they have done something right.

That’s because, from an Eastern perspective, everything we experience in life is a lesson in cultivating our life force energy. We may learn to avoid certain foods because of the way they make our bodies feel — as if our life force is depleted. Or we may learn to eat differently because it makes us feel energized, more alive. All our experiences, whether they make us feel “good” or “bad,” are opportunities to learn, if we will just slow down and accept them as part of our path.

That’s why I say to clients, “If there’s you, there’s hope.” Because you are the agent at the center of your experiences: acting, reacting, navigating constant change that is as certain as night becoming day, yin giving way to yang, the cool, watery energy of winter cultivating first green growth of spring. You can choose to define yourself by body alone. Or you can recognize that your body is merely your vehicle on life’s journey. You can polish and maintain your vehicle, appreciate its strengths, and work within its limits. But you cannot swap your minivan for a high-performance sports car. You can, however, change the attitude and the actions of the driver behind the wheel. That’s you. And if there’s you, there’s hope.

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