Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Experience the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine as you enhance your chances of conceiving, throughout pregnancy and delivery, and beyond.


  • Ability to overcome common fertility challenges (for both women and men)
  • Increased chances of conceiving naturally
  • Increased effectiveness of Western assisted reproductive techniques (ARTs)
  • Reduced side effects of drugs prescribed during IVF, IUI, and GIFT procedures


  • Improved health, energy, and mental outlook
  • Decreased chance of miscarriage
  • Dramatically reduced length of labor


  • A speedier full recovery following childbirth
  • Improved long-term reproductive health
  • Healthier, happier babies that are easier for both parents to raise
  • No depression
  • Higher-quality breast milk
  • Sexual enjoyment—more and sooner
  • Slower aging process in the long run